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I can see Corktree’s point that the forums have potential, but unfortunately there’s just not much activity here. I think new and old members have different expectations. New people come here looking for reinforcement of what they read in some of the books, and they may be disappointed when they encounter different viewpoints–or even complete disagreement. It seems in many people’s minds, 180 is now synonymous with overeating, avoiding water, sitting on the couch all day, and constantly checking your temperature. As Thomas pointed out, there is at least the appearance of a dogma now, where before there was more openness to exploration. This was perhaps inevitable, after so many changes over the years.

I’ve stuck around because I thought my experience might be helpful to others, but honestly I just don’t have Amy’s knack for giving advice. I just try to pass on what worked for me, but my recommendation to exercise more and moderate calories probably isn’t what people are looking for when they come to this site. I might post a one-year progress update on myself here in a couple months (about how I ended a decade of bad health and traded in my beer belly for a six pack), but I think I’m pretty much done posting.

The best thing about 180 has been how it’s helped people break their orthorexia. It’s important to realize that sugary cereal, pizza, and other “junk” food is just fine if you don’t go crazy with it. At least it was important for me. I hope people still get that message, though I’m concerned in some cases old obsessions are just traded in for new ones, which kinda defeats the point.