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Um… David… have you read Matt’s books??

Increased activity can SLOW metabolism: more exercise = need for more calories. If more calories are not delivered, metabolism will slow down to compensate. This is the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve.

180, E4H and Diet Recovery are NOT about losing weight.

adjcollier – have you read the books? They really do help in understanding WHY all these suggestions for eating and refeeding are out there.

Matt mentions in E4H and DR2 both, that improving the metabolism will help move things through the digestive tract faster, and bacterial overload will improve (i.e. diminish). SO… anything you can do to up your core temperature with food – if carbs don’t work for you, how about some fat? Bacon? ice cream? What sounds good to you? If your body could ask for anything on the menu, what would it want you to eat?? Find that thing it wants – and then eat LOTS of it.

Be sure to get enough salt and not too much water, also. If you crave sugar – give in and have some of that, too.

Experiment with different foods, and find what works for YOU, personally. It’s a journey worth taking.