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I second what Tina says. Increasing the body temp and metabolism can help your body clear many different kinds of infections. The re-feeding may be uncomfortable at first, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Something else that might help- eat a shredded carrot every day- it helps remove bacteria, etc, from the gut.
Or you could try using activated charcoal- it can help clear out bad stuff in the gut as well.
There’s also antibiotics… I think the one for SIBO is rifraximim. You’ve probably already heard of it if you’ve been officially diagnosed. I know a lot of people that find Matt’s site often prefer a more natural approach and thus don’t want to take antibiotics, but if you’re not getting anywhere with re-feeding, it could be an option to just get you out of pain and over the current hump so you can make some progress. Some people report feeling better with a more “sterile” gut anyway (as in better after using antibiotics and eating daily carrots)… Instead of going the probiotic route. Something to look into.