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Well, it’s been a year since I first did Buteyko breathing for my ME/CFS (self-diagnosed) and I feel very positive about it. I definitely think it had a large benefit to me. I used Maximum Pauses* to stop my flare-ups, until I stopped having flare-ups (around Christmas).

I was supposed to be doing Reduced Breathing regularly, but I found it difficult to get into the groove. I think I am going to try again, to make that a part of my routine. I also found it discouraging to take my CP measurement so I didn’t really do that much either.

I am currently in a kind of transitional stage where I don’t feel like I have any active illness, but I am kind of low metabolism, low energy, basically like I was prior to the onset of acute ME/CFS. So I am looking at some different options to continue making progress, raise metabolism, re-condition my body, continue being low stress, playful, joyful – I find that the attitude is really, really important. More than I ever would have imagined.

But yes, I would recommend Buteyko breathing to anyone who is dealing with ME/CFS.

*Maximum Pauses are not taught by all Buteyko practitioners, and there could be a safety concern with certain patients? I’m not sure. My practitioners were Christopher Drake and the Learn Buteyko Ltd. group, and they use Maximum Pauses along with Reduced Breathing. Please be safe.