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I would say where you go from here depends on what are your goals are and how your health is. If your goal is to lose the fat and maintain a good metabolism and health (or even get a good metabolism if you are not there yet) is to do Ari Whitten’s approach. His book is called Forever Fat Loss. Matt Stone endorses that book. Basically it is similar to Matt’s approach but no processed food or grains are recommended, that means no pasta or rice even. Eating to fullness is recommended along with no restrictions on fat, carbs or protein, i.e, this is not a low-fat or low-carb diet. He also emphasizes getting enough sleep and tells you how, and says to not try to lose weight through cardio. Instead he says not to ever sit for prolonged times and to get walks in once you are feeling good. You can see what he is about if you check out his facebook fan page. He also says that the fat loss will be slow so you’ll have to be patient.

I am curently trying Ari’s approach. I have had some problems though – I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast and subbed in eggs but have been getting headaches, stomach distress and fatigue and think it may be the eggs since that is probably the biggest change I have made so far – I am not sure about this but I am going to eliminate them for awhile to see.

I weigh 30% more than a year ago so hope this works for me too!