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Personally, I think Ray Peat is a weird genius. His research is groundbreaking and fascinating. It’s Danny Roddy that screwed the whole perception of Ray Peat up. I’ll explain..

I have heard Ray Peat lecture before, that brown rice is a great food, as long as you soak it beforehand. So, brown rice should be on the “Ray Peat” diet, shouldn’t it?

I have emailed back and forth with Ray Peat a number of times. Told me flat out that you should only use white sugar as a supplement in times of stress, but otherwise, it’s demineralizing and to avoid it. Yet Danny Roddy sugars the shit out of everything. He even posted a YouTube video on how to boil sugar and add it to your milk. Calls it “anti-stress milk”. Come on, man. Talk about misinterpreting Ray’s research.

You also have to use a little common sense when you’re applying Ray’s principles. Raspberries contain a high percentage of PUFA, but you can eat a 5 lb bucket full of raspberries and get less overall fat than a handful of potato chips. So avoiding raspberries is actually insane.

It’s just little things like that. Ray Peat is a fan of orange juice and there have been times where he has drank a gallon of it in a day, when he was in Mexico and didn’t have access to good fruit. It doesn’t mean that he drinks a gallon of it a day, or recommends doing it. But Danny Roddy jumped right on that one, saying to drink 2 quarts of OJ a day, or whatever he says. Drinking 2 quarts of OJ per day is insane. It’s unnatural, unhealthy, and you’re asking for trouble by doing so. Ray Peat doesn’t recommend it. Danny Roddy THINKS he does.

People eat gummy bears, bugles, and all kinds of crazy crap on the “Ray Peat Diet”. I emailed Ray about this and he suggests to make your own Gummy Bears by mixing fruit juice, hot water, and gelatin together and putting it in the fridge. Not to buy commercial bears with added sugar, artificial colors, wax, and all kinds of crap in them.

Basically, he recommends a fruit, dairy, meat, shellfish diet, which is a wholesome, healthy diet. He likes to drink coffee too. He never said to drink 6 cups a day. He said he experimented with it and got it a very high metabolic state, but he doesn’t RECOMMEND it. Another thing that Danny Roddy totally misinterpreted.

The Peat Whisperer sure doesn’t listen to Ray Peat very well.