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It’s insane to me that Danny Roddy is passing himself along as a Ray Peat “interpreter”, when he is totally mis-interpreting the wonderful research of Ray Peat.

Charging $47 or whatever the price is for his Peat Whisperer book, when half of the suggestions are totally against what Ray Peat stands for.

What I have gotten from my understanding of Ray’s writing, lectures and my communications with him, is that you need to try to keep your intestinal irritation to a minimum, because this is the basis of good health. Things that damage your gut like nuts, seeds, most vegetables and so on, should be avoided. Yes, they have PUFA, but they also irritate your gut, which leads to increased estrogen, and a whole other mess up symptoms.

A diet of fruit, dairy, eggs, gelatin, organ meats, shellfish, potatoes, and things like coconut oil and butter, are easily digested, don’t cause intestinal distress, and are ideal foods for the human species.

Where the whole thing comes in, with drinking 6 cups of coffee, popping 10 aspirin, dousing everything with salt and sugar, drinking quarts upon quarts of milk and OJ, and so on, is sheer madness. Not at all what he suggests or recommends.

What I ate today:
Sambazon Acai Juice, 2 TBSP Gelatin
Grass Fed Beef, fresh mozzarella cheese, coffee, cream, coconut sugar.
Chicken Breast pan fried in refined coconut oil, 2 cups skim milk.
Pre-workout, I had a Starbucks Refreshers can (which is just carbonated water, fruit juice blend, green coffee bean extract, ginseng, and b-vitamins)
3 eggs in coconut oil, 2 cups of fresh orange juice, 2 TBSP gelatin

Roughly 2350 calories, got about 150g protein. Tasted great. Had super, balanced energy all day long. Worked out with weights for an hour. Temp was 98.2. All good.

Chicken Breast is supposed to be so high in PUFA, right? Well, my skinless, boneless chicken breast had 3g of fat. So my PUFA was about 1 potato chip worth, if that.

Also, I drink coffee because I love how it tastes, not because Ray Peat said so. I have been drinking coffee for a decade before I ever even heard of Ray Peat. I drink Valley of the Moon, shade grown, organic coffee.