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Reply To: where are those that have stuck w the program for over 1 year?

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I have a question for Christinam. Did you get your temp up before you started losing weight? I have been stuck at 97.7 for a year. I tried eating the food & having more sugar, but nothing changed. I thought Matt’s way wasn’t for me either, but I can’t do any kind of restrictive diet that makes me crave a food that isn’t allowed.

I have been exercising – walking, weights, fitness blender, etc & nothing. I don’t think anything will change till my temp comes up & it just won’t. And like a lot of you I can’t stand how I look & feel with this extra blubber. I feel like a big fat cow. I miss my size 4 clothes, vain, I know. I can’t lose the weight & I can’t even firm up what’s there. It is still a struggle for me to eat enough calories, even after a year of trying to do this. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I think I get around 1500 cal/day. I am wanting to get 2000. That is what I struggled with before. To get the calories in I looked for junk food, ice cream & chips, a spoonful of honey or peanut butter.

I didn’t think I had an eating disorder when I read Diet Rec 2, but I started thinking about the last diet I was on (lowfat, low cholesterol) & realized I took it to extreme. I was not thinking clearly at the time as my brother had a quadruple bypass surgery & hadn’t realized anything was wrong. It freaked me out so badly I was afraid to eat ANYTHING! I thought the next bite would kill me. But then I found WAPF. I know that can be extreme also depending on how far you want to take it, but it did help me get back to real food. I also gained all my weight back while on it. Since reading here I realized that diet probably did make me disordered, which means I am still not eating enough. Does that sound right to you? I really don’t want to gain more weight after all this (who does?) so after all this rambling I am getting back to the 1st paragraph. Stuck at low temp because I need to eat more & I won’t lose any weight until my temp normalizes?