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Blog Forums Healthy Weight Loss where are those that have stuck w the program for over 1 year? Reply To: where are those that have stuck w the program for over 1 year?


My temperature was quite a bit lower before EFH. My temperature went up really high on Matt’s plan but I was gaining, and fast. But I must have been eating 3000+ kcal on his plan. I only dabbled in it in november/december 2013 and then went full force mid january to mid march. Gosh, I gained about 15-20 lbs. And I must add that my metabolism had already been better before I started because after 3 years of never doing extreme dieting anymore or things like fasting/intermittent fasting, I had recovered a regular menstrual cycle all of 2013 (: and maintained a size 6 at 5’9″. But I still had cold hands and feet and was binge prone before my cycle. It was still far from ideal. Once I started on Matt’s plan that went away maybe because I was letting myself eat whatever at all times? I healed a long standing yeast infection that I had had in my colon and I had some autoimmune rashes at times like eczema that went away. But I felt horrible after a while of eating so much and junky foods + I hated being a size 12!!!
Thanks to Ari Whitten, I’m back down to a size 8, hopefully a 6 at some point soon but I focus on health and my body is very toned. But my temperatures are not as sky high anymore, so we’ll have to see, the judge is still out. But my benefits have remained so far and it’s been 3 months since stopping Matt’s EFH. But I have so much more energy, am warm most of the time, poo fine every day (; And I’m not paranoid about food anymore. If I go out, I’ll eat a little of whatever. I must say though that one other thing played a huge role in healing my relationship with food. It was on a mental/emotional level. I highly recommend reading Clair Weekes’s book on panic and anxiety. I hope I got her name right.
I haven’t been on this long enough to have all the answers and I might be missing out by not staying on Matt’s plan for 1-2 years. But I’ve made some leaps and eat quite well and fearlessly now. That’s worth something.
Linda, I hope this helps and you too can find a ways to feel good in your body again!!