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Interesting thoughts Jaketthomas. Hearing you explain Peat’s work that simply makes it seem a lot more understandable.

I’m still curious though about folks that don’t tolerate dairy well. I know that Matt says that we should just force it all down and eventually we’ll have a steel stomach- but I can’t get past the mucousy, zit proned skin, etc. that I get when I try to drink milk (raw or not).

And as far as the gelatin and bone broth goes, the more I eat, the more cold sores I get. As the gelatin is high in arginine, this makes sense, as that brings on cold sores. I got 5 outbreaks in two months while eating lots of gelatin. Christ, what do I do now??

I just don’t know how to make this all make sense when it feels like crap trying to eat this stuff- be it a Matt Stone or Ray Peat ‘diet’.