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Hey AnnaB, thanks for the tips. I thought I would give an update. A big improvement came when I cut out my multi-vitamin. I was taking MVP-365, it’s a good quality one with activated forms of the b-vitamins. For whatever reason it messed with my digestion, causing gas which was speeding up transit time and causing reflux. It’s funny because I’ve never taken other supplements (powders, stimulants etc.) because I was concerned about how they might affect my health issues. But while I was low carbing I took this multi-vitamin/mineral supplement because I couldn’t get enough vitamins through diets and I figured it was harmless. Guess not. With the amount of nutrient dense foods I am eating now, I dont need it anyway. Since cutting it out last week, my problems with sugar and milk (as long as it’s lactose free, haven’t retried normal milk yet) are gone. So now it’s just coffee and spicy foods that give me trouble. Though I’m expecting that to improve too.

So yeah, if you guys are having trouble with digestion, maybe try to cut out the multi-vitamin and mineral supps. It helped me tremendously. I only take vitamin k2, unique-e, some vitamin d once a week, and zinc now. All 4 I’ve reintroduced after cutting all supps out to ensure they don’t bother me.

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