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Hi! I did not got a note that anyone answered, sorry.

I have had constipatino since I was a child.

I have gone through GAPS this year, and went over to Paleo, that I now am starting to make sure is NO NO NO lowcarb, and I have 80/20 rule, eating crap when it suites (not whatever, but lika cake on occasions and so on).

– I eat loads of probitotics, home made kraut, kimchi, home made fermeted herring, home made kefir. Have done this for 1,5 years.

– Tried LONG periods of taking extra potassium OR extra sodium. Potassium seams to help, but since I have complex problems, I can’t really know if I need sodium or potassium. There are things that make potassium deficiency possible, as well att sodium dito. i don’t know if i should eat sodium och potassium. When I take extra sodium, I am starting to feel bad, tasing metallic sodium taste in my saliva, and gets swollen upper eye lids. Blood work shows both sodium and potassium on the lower end, but not out of the (lab) range.

– I take 2 msk great lakes gelatin + 5 dl of home made bont broth every day.

– I was constipated on GAPS and Paleo when I wen low carb (not too low, but low – not ketogenic low). Only time fat is helpin me, is if I eat amounts that make med gain about 4 pounds (4 * 453 grams) a week. Fiber constipate me even more, despite drinking a lot.

– Tried psyllium that soaked for 12 hours (also tried flax in the same way). Drank a lot also, so it would not dry. It dried anyway, causing a concrete plug in colon.

Whatever I drink I feel dehydrated. I took an enema yesterday, and 1,5 litre disappeared, never got out again. Tokk 1,5 litre more, and waited (laying on my right side). Got 1 litre out. But no poo. I also tried to help the process by jumping in the kids jumping thing (don’t know the name, a round thing one can jump on forever). It must be a record: woman taking enema of 3 litres and jumping lika mad but no accident happens.

Since extra sodium does nothing more than gives me edema, but urine is clear and it’s like water goes right through me, I wonder what the heck is my imbalances?

Since i have had the problems for so long time (but not as severe as last two years) I wonder if i have Herschsprungs desease (google).

I also am thinking about eating less probiotics. 1,5 years of much of that, with no effect, can’t possibly be “eat more and for longer”. Since I ferment myself, I can eat loads at any time, so not too little. i also tried expensive stuff lika Megafood and Biokult, but it was like taking sugar pills – nothing. (I rarely get sick, never ever stomach flu like vomiting or diorrhea, and could start probiotics in large amount swithout noticing anything, wich makes me wonder even more.)

Yesterday I had to take 30 drops laxoberal (sodium picosulphate) when the normal dose i max 10 drops. What happened? Nearly nothing.

And I am allways looking like a Biafra kid, or pregnant (people asking about it).

I am sooooooo tired of this. Will go to some clinic in the week, but they allways say “ok, but now I am not that doctor, and I want you to start from scratch, go home and eat more fibres (that causes a concrete plug for me, and severe IBS pain, but they do not believe until I tried again). Then I go back, a new doctor says the same thing. Allways a new doc, that how it is in Sweden. And allways want me to start over with fibres.