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Ad duh, you’re in Sweden, you wrote that! You should be able to find the mineral waters then.

Also, I had the same bloated stomach/’pregnant’ look. That, too, went away as my temps went up & metabolism improved.

How much water do you drink overall? Maybe you don’t need to add sodium, but rather just need to cut liquids? That might help with the clear urine.

One last thing: the clear urine could be a sign of a stress response, ie overall adrenale fatigue. Do you feel like you’re under constant stress/anxiety? Do you do anything to relax? Take baths? In addition to taking leisurely walks & occasional baths with essential oils/salts, I try to meditate and do gentle yoga/stretching. This really helps keep me calm–overall, not just in the moment. But when I feel like I’m “freaking out” I will take ashwagandha (another ayurvedic herbal medicine), up to 1000mg at once several times per day, to calm down. It doesn’t work instantly, but makes a difference throughout the day. I take it first thing in the morning and if I need to, more throughout the day, if I continue experiencing anxiety. There are other adaptogenic herbs that might help you: holy basil, golden root (rhodiola), siberian ginseng.

I think stress is the single biggest inhibitor to digestion (aside from acute illnesses). Eating for Heat, in my interpretation, is designed for maximal stress reduction, but when that isn’t enough you need to take active steps to fight the stress. Try herbal remedies. Do whatever you can to relax.