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Hi! Thank you for all help. I will try comment with my thoughts.

– I have salt in the enemas. Sometimes they are absorbed even quicker then. It goes well with suspitions that I have some kind of imbalance. For example I was a litte bletter when I took potassium, but then get symptoms that says “eat sodium!!!”. Maybe too little of both? Can you believ I jumped on a jumping thing with the enema, without any disaster (oh, I had been glad if there was haha).

– I did not add probiotics in the enemas. I just found that S Boulardii (in kefir, kombucha, sourdough and other with a SCOBY, that is, symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). This strain is known and used for treating diarrhea! i will immediately stop that kind of probiotics, to see what happens. But I could add sauerkrautjuice to the enema, or the raw vinegar (I have such, like Braggs, but Swedish brand, with motehr and all in the bottle.) But not if this too contains the S. Boulardii. At least not for now, I must test if this can be one of the causes.

– I have taken coconut oil like you described. For now I drink lemon water. After a while I take some oils, about a TB, and then 5 dl (+16 liquid ounces) of carrot/beetroot/fennel/celary/ginger juice. To breakfast I take the fibers from my juicer (centrifugal, so much nutrients and taste left in this), berries (blue, lingon, cran and so on), egg yolk, kombucha or rejuvelac or whey from kefir. I also have fermented fish and kefir, and a drink of tibicos. This should give diarrhea to everyone but me. I can try adding coconut oil. Should I take it like now, after the lemon and before the juice?

– I will check Triphala further. I must see it does not induce hair loss. I got that from maca for example, and must check very carefully. I hade har problems since I got them from a medicin (Wellbutrin but our brand here). I do not eat that medicine anymore, but problems linger.

– I eat som resistant starch in form of potato starch. I blend in a little water. That calmed the IBS a bit. It is food for the bacteria.

– Do you have a tips for a supplement that can give me electrolytes/salts in proper blend? I am a bit scared to try myself. I get too much of one, and can gain 10 kg water weight and look really bad (I am 6 feet tall so not soo bad as if I had have normal lenght). I buy most supplements from iHerb, so I can buy American brands :D

– The magnesium water, is it working due to magnesium oxide? I took that for a while, but seems one can get dependent on that. I hade more problems when stopping it, and the harsch laxoberal drops I wrote about, is actully both kinder and easier to stop with. When I took as much magnesium oxide as neede, so I could get anything out, I was severe bloated all day, and often had gasses that let other stuff out so I hade to go to change pants. The longer I took oxide, the worse it went. It was rather good at first, but not later, when I got very litte effect but very much IBS. Oh, mineral waters? The usual kinds they sell all over the stores? :D i have problems with the carboacid (bubble) but can find still ones. But they often have chlorid forms in them. Can check if someone has more magnesium.

– I also tried castor oil. Drank 1 dl (a bit more than 3 liquid ounces) every night. Gosh, almost vomitted after a while. It also had less and less effect.

– I don’t drink sooo much. The juice, lemon water, smoothie, liquid to swollow my chlorella powder and so on. This is not very little, but I do not drink to food or between food just to drink, if I am not very thirsty (when shopping food a hot summer day for example).

Yep, I am stressed out. I have had several burn outs. I have had Adrenal fatigue that is much better now.

I also starts to suspect some nerv problem. I will go to an osteopath tomorrow and see what he can do. Mother is paying (I can’t work). I also will check for the disease Hirschsprung’s that gives the exact problem I have, if having the lightset form of it. Google that. Very interesting. I got so worse problems after having kids, and my muscles in the bottom of pelvis, are not very good. Training has done nothing.

I went through GAPS and Paleo, then read Matts book paleo myths, and started to wonder. Maybe I am overdieting. I was actually better off before. I had constipation due to anorexia when I started GAPS, so hard then to notice when it went over and became a problem instead of just “oh, ate to little, could not poo”. I have had anorexia many times since i was 13 (for 30 years now then) which is the first thing that broke my gut :(

Thank you SOOOO much for writing. i got some new input at last. No one can help me and noone understands, not even doctors that just says “eat fibres”.