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I’m happy to help — I know how you feel! I was so frustrated with doctors. I was lucky that my last gastrointerologist got so frustrated, after so many visits, blood tests, CAT scans, biopsies, etc that she told me I just need to eat more, more frequently, gain 10kg, and then come back to her if I still felt bad. She recommended porridge, any kind, with butter, every 2 hours. Ultimately, she was right.

I definitely think you should cut out the morning drink. Clearly it isn’t helping you. I didn’t start drinking lemon water in the morning until I had already reached normal body temperatures and was consistently able to produce bowel movements. That means I waited about 3-4 months!! Not only the lemon water — I would not consume anything liquidy (no fruit, juice, tea, etc) until I’d had some FOOD in my stomach first; or else my temperatures would go down, I would pee clear, and I would be constipated that day. Try to start your days with a sweet and salty bowl of oatbran or other porridge, with added coconut oil. Make sure it isn’t very watery. Don’t drink anything until you’re really thirsty, and once you do, make it something like chicory with whole milk, or kefir. But make sure the first thing in your stomach is somewhat solid and full of carbohydrates!

While I do think those fruit and vegetable juices can be good sources of vits and mins, when you’re in a compromised metabolic state I think they do more harm than good. Right now clearly your body is having trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals properly. In order to correct that, you first need to heal your metabolism, by eating a lot of warming foods.

Yes, probiotic strains can be complicated. Bifidobacteria is what helped the most with my constipation. Moreover, given that you tried the high fiber for so long, it’s possible that all of the fiber is just rotting in your stomach and feeding bad bacteria — since your metabolism is too slowed down to create the proper heat necessary to process all of the complex fibers. Especially the psyllium, ahh! That stuff is a nightmare (esp with compromised metabolisms).

Sounds good that you’re including starch, but I recommend going for the real source and avoiding diluting with water. Make mashed potatos or white rice and if absolutely needed, dilute with whole milk.

When I first began recovery, I ate oatbran, millet porridge, mashed potatos, and rice porridge for most of my meals. (Buckwheat gave me bad reactions). I always added butter, ghee, or coconut oil and salt. I found that these I was able to consume with the least amount of negative side-effects. I barely consumed any vegetables and definitely no fruits (unless paired w/ something like very salty, fatty cheese) in the beginning months. While these are important parts of any diet, when you’re in a metabolically compromised state you can’t properly digest them or extract the vitamins/nutrients, so it’s just a wasted effort. You first need to fill yourself up and heat yourself up with easy to digest (which means simple-carby) foods. Then you can work on all the rest.

I’m very curious about your temperatures. Have you been measuring them? What are they looking like? If I had an idea of your average temperatures upon waking up (and during the day), I’d have a better sense of where you are in terms of your recovery and what other things I can recommend.