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Hi again. Interesting thoughts. My experience is that it got a bit better when i started with the juice, so I really don’t know. If just eating a small amount solid food, nothing happens at all. I also have an issue with the antinutrients and linoleic acid in whle grains. But maybe there are a solution with potatoes or sweet potato or similar. Or if I eat white porrigde from white (the inner parts only) rice or buckwheat. Soaking is not a problem, but it does not take all the phytic acid, and takes time (ok, that is not a problem for me, keeping kombucha, kefir of two kinds, rejuvelac, soaking lot of stuff so I can’t blame that…).

I have gone through GAPS and after a while, I got to high of vitamin D an iron (toxic numbers). I hade to cut down to normal intake. I took that as a sign of normalized uptake (I got a lot of shit from GAPS, but this was one of two good things. The other was that all sensitives in my skin disappeared, could use henna and multani again, also colouring my lashes and use mascara works again).

I hade subclinical levels on hypo, TSH 3, T3 on lower end, T4 on lower half. I got synthetic liothyronin (no T4). But when I started, my TSH had went down to 1,1 on it’s own, but still same for T3 and T4. My temperature was 36,8 in the mornings before lio. That is in normal range. Now it is 36,9 (but of course not the exact same every morning).

About the Hirschsprungs, I have had this problems since I was 5 yo. 8 years before my first eposiode of anorexia. I had several total constipations before I ever had that anorexia. When it worked, I could poo every other or third day. Always had a rather big stomach (like gas or full). After my first anorexia eposiode, I started to get first signs of IBS that got wirse with every eposiode. Between episodes, the “pooing” was like before, every other or third day, and hard.

After having my kids, it got worse. Stomach began to be really big, even after training so I got strong muscles. But how much I train, I can’t strenghten the pelvis bottom enough. I heard some needs operation, but in Sweden we do not get that, we get free dipers if we cant hold urine instead (it has not gone that far for me, but I recently read that bad pelvis muscle bottom can contribute to constipation). Sweden is rather HAHA or :( when come to think about these kind of problems. We do not get the best and latest, in the name of “the best is to heal, so keep training” without thinking about what happens when people does this for decades, nothing happens for a large number, but they get the same advices over and over again…).

Thanks again, I will see what I can do to change some things. I still don’t get how juice can contribute to constipation, when it is said to cause diarrhea in so many. But on the other hand, my reactions to stuff is often not as other folks reactions…

I got a good doctor for the iron and sub clinical hypo, and he says I am at the lower end on sodium and potassium. He says it is ok to take supplements on that. But I am still att the very same numbers when taking supplements, so maybe my body wants to be there. He also follows me for iron, TSH/T4/T3, homocystein, vitamin D (I got toxic high on that from taking a normal supplement).

I am always thirsty, and if I would drink when I am thirsty, I would drink very much. But something is wrong, since, if I follow my thirst, my urine gets very clear and it hurts from all peeing and drying “down there”. So I don’t drink more than the juice and to swollow my liothyronin and so on. This have been like this since the 90s.

I think I have several different causes for my bad health. Some need opposite treatments, like lowcarb for one, and high carb for another (or similar). Adrenal fatigue, possible subclinical hypo (I do not noticed anything from the lio…), need for detox and need to feed and build at the same time. How ever i do, I get adverse effects on another of my problems.

But the constipation problem has been there all my life, before any other problems. I have never though, had any allergies, and almost no infections. Like very strong and healthy. I still almost never get infections.