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Napster said:

“This is the danger of long-term VLCing and hypolcaloric diets. What you see are the exact same phenomenon among people who starve themselves. Immune defenses break down because there isn’t enough glucose to mount mucosal immunity. That’s why you end up with dry eyes, dry mouth, dry colon and constipation.”

This makes sense to me, but I’ve also read that too much sugar increases the risk of dry eyes.

Here’s the link — hoping you and other might be able to comment. My eyes are so dry lately?also sinuses, and have been battling a sinus infection for the last 6+ months.

:Research published by Lane, Hart and Josephson reported the depression of tear-film break-up time (TBUT) to be less than 10 seconds when the ratio of sucrose intake/food-folic-acid intake > 6×10-2 teaspoons/microgram. Simplified, this means that ingesting six teaspoons of table sugar per day requires 1,000 micrograms of folic acid to prevent the TBUT from dropping below ten seconds.”

Thanks in advance.