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Aims – are you just pissed off beacuse it didnt work for you? Or perhaps you are fortunate not to have any health problems that there is nothing much to fix.

I started losing my hair in my early twenties and basically read everything on the internet to do with health and hair loss. There are much crazier ideas out there. Like veganism and low carbing. I tried many of these which actually did improve my hair in the short term. However I basically had to avoid pretty much all types of calories to try and keep my hair and I destroyed my liver. I woke up in panic attacks every night for three months and would writhe in pain if I ate anything fatty – which I ate a lot of from my low carb days. Then I read Ray Peats ideas.

I have gone beyond my previous level of health and my hair no longer falls out. I am confident of keeping it into my forties. From the past 5 years of living with hair loss I can tell exactly what foods cause it from the inflammation. Suprise suprise they are – PUFAs, excessive isolated glucose (glucose sweets and starch), excessive fibre, chewing gum (estrogen) and so on so forth. I can tell what stops it, they are – liver, coffee, milk and other thyorid supporting substances. It is not my imagination, Ray Peat seems to be correct in a lot of what he says.

And please, before you continue your diatribe, maybe use a thing called google. Bodybuilders and athletes have been using insulin for its muscle building effects (notably the effects on myostatin) for decades. Insulin can cause the muscle to take small amounts of protein without a workout. The effect is imrproved with a workout which is why whould always have carbs with your protein after a workout.

So please stop being a know-it-all asshole and learn some science.

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