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Steven e

I still have the same problems with breathing and tongue position etc.. and am still hoping to do ALF. I started the process, seeing the osteopath to get me loosened up for the treatment, but got sidelined looking into some autoimmune issues. I have so much inflammation, muscle weakness and fatigue most of the time lately, that it hampers my progress in anything else. I want to have some momentum when I start this whole process. The NCR sounds interesting. There is a practitioner within 125 miles, so I might add that to the list. Finances are a problem. If I had unlimited money, I’d probably do NCR right now and maybe even start the ortho, but as it is, I want to maximize my dollar value by doing things at the right time. So, I have to address inflammation first and I’m also looking into hormone balancing. I wouldn’t be surprised if cranial facial stuff helped those problems, but my gut feeling is that it’s more likely my gut.

If I feel like I can get some momentum, I’ll be practicing Gokhale method stuff for circulation posture and just more engaged physical function, possibly NCR (thanks) and Rolfing (expense only, otherwise I’d be doing it already), ALF with osteopathic adjustment (a team that works together) and hopefully at least some consult time on orofacial myology stuff. I can hardly wait to get started. I’m tired of this crowded palate situation and want to breathe easier and have something closer to a proper form.

The Self NCR thing is tempting, but it sounds like it could be sometimes dangerous. There are at least a couple negative outcomes out there floating around in cyberspace. I might look at the face pulling too, probably once I get started with ALF and talk to my ortho. I’m intrigued by anything I can cob together at home. I was wondering actually what would happen if I just started doing the face pulling now. hmmm… Either way, I will try to have it together to document facial and arch changes. I might even shave, so I can photograph my actual face, which would be a first (ever), but think of that great data! Must suffer for progress.

Thanks for your input. I’d like to hear more about your results if there is anything interesting to share.