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celiachair Your post had nothing to do with my post. You addressed none of my points, undid none of my reasoning, you just came on with some over-emotional pleas and insults that had almost nothing to do with what I wrote. But the truth hurts otherwise you wouldn’t have taken this so personally and failed to respond with a modicum of logic. If you aren’t here for discussion under the title ?let’s talk shit about ray peat. but are only here to proselytize your over-reactive peat nonsense, isn’t there about a dozen places to do that on the internet?

Ray peat can’t be criticized, he’s an authority. We really haven’t had enough of that type of thinking in the nutritional world. Peat cult members will never see anything that is wrong with his work. In a repository of his emails about 20 health issues are addressed besides generalized questions about nutrition. He uses the carrot in his reply 15 times. From all the reading and responses I have seen on various forums, that carrot hasn’t done half of what peat insists what it can do. Also, where are all the healing stories? Just people going from low carb, which was ridiculous to do in the first place, to introducing fruit and sugar and feeling better, then their improvement beyond that comes to a grinding halt. Then they often make themselves worse with experiments with bromocriptine, the milk/OJ diet, obsessions with bag breathing, indiscriminately piling hormones into their body and a ridiculous fear of pufa.

“I woke up in panic attacks every night for three months and would writhe in pain if I ate anything fatty ? which I ate a lot of from my low carb days.” You have proved my point exactly. Peat attracts people who love doing extreme things with their diet. Cutting out carbs is replaced with obsessing over pufas. You are the typical extreme person who makes themselves worse by refusing to find moderation with anything. The extreme person puts and keeps peat on the map because if it wasn’t for low carb wrecking so many people, most people who do his non diet of very limited foods wouldn’t know his name. That low carb obsession needed to happen first. But just because carbs fix horrible condition of low carb doesn’t make all or even half of his work worthy of blind worship.

?Bodybuilders and athletes have been using insulin for its muscle building effects (notably the effects on myostatin) for decades. Insulin can cause the muscle to take small amounts of protein without a workout. The effect is improved with a workout which is why would always have carbs with your protein after a workout.

You are going to compare bodybuilders, people who spend hours in the gym to where their muscles even have muscles to the average unhealthy person eating peaty? OK you lost all credibility right there. Peat is saying you will gain muscle from food alone and enough muscle to where your calories can even increase. Again not concentration camp victims but average Americans.