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“Your post had nothing to do with my post.” Yes it did. You asked for a success story, I gave you one. There are many others on that peat forum thingy. Someone close to me was told that they would never have children by a doctor, had severe headaches and almost committed suicide all from complications from a synthethic birth control pill. After a couple of months of taking anti-biotics and thyroid, the doctors proclamation is no longer true. But I guess that is an over emotional plea.

You forget that reviewers of hotels are often the ones that had bad experiences. Or relatives.

You said “I have never heard of people getting muscular without exercising or increasing muscle to any noticeable degree from just food unless they came from a concentration camp”
I responded – ” Insulin can cause the muscle to take small amounts of protein without a workout”. Maybe you didnt read that part as you are confused in your reply.

I agree with you that people can improve by just increasing their carb intake. I eat potatoes and rice every few days. But if you look at the glycemic index table, then you immediately know every dietician is a retard when you see whole grain pasta has a higher GI than OJ and milk, yet they say OJ can cause diabetes? I drink OJ and milk because it makes sense on a scientific level and it makes me feel better than starches.

I agree with you that one must question every new crazy diet. I don’t ahere to what Ray Peat says as gospel. But so much of it makes scientific sense and I feel better on it (for a few yers now).

I agree with you he can be somewhat contradictory in his advice. He gets the names wrong of books from time to time. He isn’t a demi god. But is he is smart. He knows about a lot more than biology such as physics, literature etc. He is a hell of a lot smarter than any retarded doctor I ever saw.

“isn’t there about a dozen places to do that on the internet”. Apologies, I didn’t know debating was banned. Maybe we whould just skip off to all our respective forums and cocoon ourselves. That way the vegans will always be vegans – “Why am I losing so much muscle? ” You need to eat more bananas”, the low carbers will always be low carb “Why do I feel like shit?” “You should take eat more steak and fat”, and the “Peatarians” will always be “Peatarians” “Why does my heart feel so mad?” “That is either a misquoted Moby song or you are taking too much T3”

I am not saying he invented the wheel. But if he points people in the direction of putting the wheels back on the wagon, then he does more good than harm.

I am keen to know, if you dislike him so much, what do you read his stuff? And if you dont do low carb, and dont eat roughly what he says, does that mean your diet consists or salad with a nice PUFA dressing? Do you avoid OJ, milk, salt simply beacuse it falls under the realms of his “advice”? Somehow I dbout it.