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Hey there just curious if you have continued with the Tianeptine? I’ve recently started it and am just trying to compare with others.

My symptoms have been to to get over stressed / anxious and agitated very easily. I also am not able to exercise or things get worse. Often after exercise I will feel weak and hungry all the time. This usually lasts a few days from exercise.

I’ve suffered from this for years and have Teied most AD’s with little help. Lexapro is the only one I can tolerate but only mildly helps.

I’ve tested my cortisol multiple times and find I have elevated cortisol throughout the day. I’ve tried cortisol lowering supplements like PS and those
Seem to make me really irritable and hungry. So I’ve been on Tianeptine for a week and unsure
Of the effect so far. From what I’ve read on it looks to be very promising. I think a messed up HPA-axis / stress response is the culprit which Tianeptine may help regulate. I did suffer from a loss of a parent at a young age and wonder if this has affected my stress response.

Any people with Tianeptine reviews or that have similar symptoms please chime in.

God Bless.