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“Yes it did. You asked for a success story, I gave you one. There are many others on that peat forum thingy. Someone close to me was told that they would never have children by a doctor, had severe headaches and almost committed suicide all from complications from a synthethic birth control pill. After a couple of months of taking anti-biotics and thyroid, the doctors proclamation is no longer true. But I guess that is an over emotional plea.”

Your reading comprehension is lacking. I never wrote “can you give me one success story?” What I was writing to, which is very clear within the context of my post, is that there are people who have been force-feeding themselves milk and OJ for years and have not only plateaued but have gotten worse. I see people who have no health problems loving peat’s work for its ‘science? but for people really struggling? It’s not so simple and I know of people who have once loved and worshipped peat’s ideas and say that they have gotten so much better only to find out that their thyroid has gotten worse, or they have developed other problems. I’ll never understand but people report back things that aren’t true just to be a part of a group or they distort things or exaggerate. Your example that you give? I can give you a dozen holistic chat groups who will report the same benefits of what they are doing be it homeopathic, Weston price, acupuncture, chiropractic, m.d.s found through the stop the thyroid madness website, etc. For Peat to deserve the blatant worship people like you give him where he can do no wrong and can’t face the impotence of some of his suggestions like T3 being a cure all and the carrot, then there would have to be a serious number of people who healed themselves using the diet list of foods that isn’t a diet and they would have to make sure it was nothing else contributing to their healing such as energy work, emotional things, changing exercise regimes, quitting a bad job etc.

“You forget that reviewers of hotels are often the ones that had bad experiences. Or relatives.”
This is a meaningless statement. People love giving their doctors good reviews and saying “go see my doctor, you’ll love him.” Why would you write something like this? You make all kinds of weird statements and try to connect them to some grand scheme of proof that Peat’s diet (that is not a diet) is better than anything out there.

“You said I have never heard of people getting muscular without exercising or increasing muscle to any noticeable degree from just food unless they came from a concentration camp?
I responded ? ? Insulin can cause the muscle to take small amounts of protein without a workout?. Maybe you didnt read that part as you are confused in your reply.”

Uh maybe you are a little confused. Once again show me proof that anyone in all these groups that have been posting for years has gained muscle doing nothing but eating the way he says to, enough muscle just from EATING mind you where the muscle growth was significant to warrant extra calories. On the contrary you see people gaining a minimum of 15 lbs of FAT. So you are the confused one because this is what I am speaking to, this specific thing. I even bolded the specific part of the quote. He didn’t mention workouts at all in the quote. You need to go back and re-read. But I see what you are doing. No matter what is written you will twist it to make sense to yourself much like people do who defend the nonsense in the bible.

“?isn’t there about a dozen places to do that on the internet?. Apologies, I didn’t know debating was banned. Maybe we whould just skip off to all our respective forums and cocoon ourselves.”

?So to use your own words “So please stop being a know-it-all asshole and learn some science”

Again here’s another example where you try to distort the conversation to your own end. When you call someone an asshole because they disagree with you, that means you can’t handle your guru being questioned. That is not debate. I welcome debate. Being called names is not debate. Nice try though with the “oh I am so persecuted because I brought up a differing point.”

“I am keen to know, if you dislike him so much, what do you read his stuff? And if you dont do low carb, and dont eat roughly what he says, does that mean your diet consists or salad with a nice PUFA dressing? Do you avoid OJ, milk, salt simply beacuse it falls under the realms of his ?advice?? Somehow I dbout it.”

I don’t only read his stuff, I read everything I can get my hands on. You think peat invented drinking OJ or milk and no one drinks this stuff until they read something about Peat saying it’s good? What kind of reasoning is this? So if I drink juice then it falls under peat’s advice because he owns the rights to OJ drinking? What does what I eat have to do with whether peat’s ideas are sound. I never said what I eat or don’t eat so why speculate? I see many problems with the peat movement. I’ll say it again, had there not been the extreme of low carb then his T3 and carrot as a hammer for everything would not be as relevant. That’s the people who feel the most improvement, those who went from low carb to taking in carbs. But there are tons of people who didn’t quit carbs and they have health issues because people get sick for a myriad of reasons and loading up on T3, progest e and carrot isn’t doing anything for them. Peat’s work is a tool in a tool box there are many other people who have good ideas to look at as well.