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This is good info. I was wondering about this yesterday; I drank only a little bit when thirsty but kept obsessing about liquids. Followed rules 1, 2, and 3 from Eat for Heat but still peeing (what I think is) clear yellow. (See this other forum post.)

But I’d say I drank much more than 6 ounces. About 18oz of salted and honeyed “Emergen-C”, about 12oz of plain water, about 12oz salted orange juice, about 8oz raw whole fat goat milk in the morning. The water was when I got tired of the salted drink and was craving sweet, pure water. I swished it around in my mouth to try to lubricate and reduce the cravings.

Even with all this, I still wasn’t drinking more than for thirst, and I still was obsessing about liquids. But today it’s better.

Is it possible that excess water can take days to flush? The liquid obsession didn’t begin with this diet; Before this I was chugging constantly, and not because I had to, either. Further, about a week-and-a-half ago I had a colonic. I began this diet Friday evening (today is Tuesday).

So is it possible I have an excess that will take time to flush out?

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