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Well I’m about to find out. Currently sitting on the colonic table pooping my bottom out. Temp was 99.3 measured both an hour ago and just before coming in. Pee has been clear yellow today, haven’t been able to get that golden shower yet on the diet. But was glad the temps are right. First thing I noticed that after 3 days on this diet, poop is much clumpier. I suppose constipation, although I go either daily or 2x a day. I have been hitting the wheat awful hard since starting. Second thing I noticed is this room feels pleasant. It usually feels cold. Just before coming in, I had some thirst, so a few sips of tomato juice which has salt in it. She always gives about 10-12oz of “Emergen-C” water after sessions but I will only sip a bit and some more mater juice afterward.

Will report afterward.