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I’m not familiar at all with the face swelling symptom. I don’t know what would cause that.
Did your Doctor have any insights for that? Is it certain foods, like an allergy?

Would you say you feel uncomfortable after eating fat, then? If that’s the case, I’d probably keep fat levels low – or switch up the type of fat… i.e. do you get the same reaction from eating avocados as from animal fat? Coconut oil would be another different oil to try, or olive oil. I’d stay away from soybean oil and corn oil if you can (highly processed, loaded with inflammatory omega 6’s).

How much processed food are you eating? Could it be a reaction to some of the preservatives in packaged / pre-made foods? How much food are you able to fix at home where you can control the additives?

You do need fat in your diet for hormone synthesis, so I wouldn’t advocate a no-fat diet… but maybe experiment a bit and see if you can narrow down the culprit causing the face swelling.

That doesn’t sound like fun at all.