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Thanks so much for the input TinaT! I appreciate the advice. I would still really like to get some help regarding my supplements and medication if anyone has that kind if knowledge. I want to quit my statin but I’m not sure what to do as an alternative.

I also stopped taking the Xanax, which I was using to help restore my nocturnal erections – a recommended treatment for post-finasteride syndrome, which I thought was the cause of my ED before I learned about Matt Stone. It would be helpful to know if I should request another refill (doctors’ opinions means very little as they’ve been basically clueless about my issues thus far). It really helps with sleep quality, although I think I may be experiencing a little withdrawal, it’s been difficult for me to get a full 7-8 hours since I stopped. I wake up feeling anxious and struggling to get back to sleep.

Thanks again for the tips! Just finished my 4th week of RRARFing with plenty of junk food in the mix as Mr. Stone recommends. Now I’m going to back to primarily eating “health foods” without being restrictive when it comes to my cravings. I feel ready to change gears on that level.

I really want to start intensive strength training again, but I think I still need more rehabilitative rest. I haven’t gotten my sleep patterns under control as I mentioned, or been able to get a full 8+ hours on a consistent basis. I do enjoy the light exercise for fun method. Just anxious to make it more rigorous because I regained a significant amount of body fat.

I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be sweating that. I want to see the fat-proofing process all the way through as 180dh recommends, and use some of Jon Gabriel’s mental strategies. It’s just difficult not letting the belly fat stress me out after a lifetime of struggling with body image.