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Hey CP,

Thanks so much for your reply — again, very much appreciated. I meant to reply yesterday (which I should have as I was doing better) and then today, but eyes are wiped.

I will reply in more detail (but hopefully not too much this time!) in the next couple days, but wanted to just say that I’ve been unable to tolerate eggs (due to the fat content/venous insufficiency thing — I think), but did add about 3/4 of a yolk to my meal tonight. Will see how it goes overnight?

And I did restart the B2, and think that that may be helping a bit, but as you noted, adding a single thing, when other factors probably need attention as well, may cause a “worsening”, and later today, my eyes were either really watery, or sensitive to light, and/or by later in the evening, just worn out.

Will hopefully be in touch soon. Thanks again.