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Hey CP,

I have to reply while my eyes are (a litle) better — were terrible for the first 2/3rds of the day, could hardly open them. Ray Peat has mentioned that melatonin is bad for light sensitivity, and while I remember that — and probably stopped melatonin because of that quite a few months back — I did take some 2 nights ago (and slept so much better) and then again last night, but this morning until about 4:30-5pm actually, I could hardly stand to open them.

This also may tie in with the potassium bicarb thing as well, as a poster on the PR forums said she had burning, dry eyes which she thought was due to too much betaine HCL, and the acid/alkaline imbalance you’re talking about — and found that cutting back on the HCL and increasing the pot-bicarb resolved that. I have found that a nasal rinse of potassium chloride/bicarb has helped somewhat at times, but I’m guessing already that the chloride is a problem???

Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for your reply. I suspect you’re correct, as I’ve taken this stuff for 15 years now, in various amounts. But have been able to go down to 3-4 caps per meal, and more importantly, just in the last year, when I was doing “better”, a friend or family member would take me out to lunch, and I had forgotten my enzymes, and you know what? I didn’t seem to have any OBVIOUS motility/gastroparesis/hypochlorydia issues.


Thanks too for all those studies. I breezed through most, due to my eyes, but very interesting and compelling.

You’ll be shocked — but there have been times when I got up to “needing” NINE HCL’s per meal. That hasn’t happened in years though, and was at about 4-5, upon your suggestion from that other thread I think, but within the last few days went up to 6-7 (!!!) and stomach emptied at a more normal rate. But did I pay the price in the process? Probably so.

Interesting about the loss of calcium. I had heard about mag and potassium, but not calcium, and have had issues with that for at least 12 years. Can’t seem to get enough from food (although again, have had times out w/family where it didn’t seem to cause a problem, at least to my recollection — like a little cheese on a sandwich or in salad), but cal/mag or ‘bone’ supps can cause the same sort of cramps, twitching, and possibly the RLS as well.

I do have some TMG, and could try that. Or maybe just try and go without — whatever you think is wisest. I think I probably did mention this above, but I “seem” to have a problem with choline supps or foods, but did feel like this slow downward spiral excelarated (sp) back in Feb or so when I started lecithin, and also when I have taken any sort of choline supp — like krill oil — or — eggs.

I know that eggs and proper fats are EXTREMELY important. When I was taking care of my mom 20+ years ago, I was seeing an ayurvedic practitioner, and reading about it as well. At one point about halfway through (she was sick for 6 years), I thought I would just lose it and have a complete breakdown. I read in the books that, being a ‘vata’, I needed to increase my fats, so I started eating quiche, and full fat milk. And — it worked. I calmed down considerably, and could handle the (often) 24/7 weeks.

But for whatever reason, I can’t seem to do that now. Although I know in the last year I must’ve had SOME egg or some butter when I ate out (gluten-free) at a restuarant a few times, and don’t think I suffered for it, at least not like a week ago.

I’m sure you’re correct, that this lack of fat is affecting the myelin, so that could be a cause of the cramps/twitching etc. Interesting that Peat says more salt will help w/that — it does — but then my eyes, sinuses dry up.

But it also, definitely affects my circulation. Any type of fat, except perhaps from fish. And I think — think — that that’s where the RLS and just this severe (and seriously, I do mean SEVERE) uncomfortable feeling comes about. On those bad days, if I look at my toes, they’re practically white — and have to squeeze them to get any pink color. So different from even 2-3 years ago. Even coconut oil does the same thing. Plus, as I mentioned above, I did not think I’d make it to the end of the day last Friday, because of the severity.

So I’m not sure how to proceed. My sister is coming down on Monday, and the eggs I have were supposed to be used by Dec 15th, so I suppose I could get another half dozen, and start with a 1/2 egg, and see how it goes?

I do have some ox bile — do you think that would help w/the fat/circulation issue?

I do get carrots — probably too many — but can’t stomach bananas (most of my life) and for the last couple years can’t seem to tolerate potatoes, which is a shame, as I know they’re high in potassium. I could try them again, but the last three times I have — the next morning or late that night — severe cramping. I attribute that to solanine blocking acetylcholinesterase, but?what do I know? That’s just from some reports I’ve read that seem to make sense, plus the study that showed low-b12 prevented breakdown of acetycholinesterase. Does that make sense?????

What do you think about the possible thiamine deficiency connection? It can cause all sorts of both heart disease and neurological symptoms, plus metabolic issues, esp when it comes to ‘refeeding’.

Have been tolerating b6 in small amounts as long as I take b2, and also tolerating folinic and some b12. Interestingly, and frustratingly, I had similar symptoms — very obsessive, etc., thought-I-was-gonna-die stuff, back in 2002 — all year long, and should note that I was also having teeth shifting problems then too, but cal/mag didn’t seem to help, but probably wasn’t getting anywhere near enough ‘d’ — BUT — the two things that resolved it, actually three — were methylb12 injections — stopped the obsessing almost overnight, along with nebulized glutathione (had money back then), and after a few months, THIAMINE injections for a month, completely calmed me down and I was okay for about 14 months.

Then I ran out of money, stress went WAY up, and I completely forgot what had helped, as going on disability — applying for it, etc — took over my life.

But that was 12 years ago?and with all the damage or neglect or whatever since then, I doubt these things would fix me like they did back then, but it’s worth noting anyway, especially w/all the white (and other thiamine-depleting foods) I’ve eaten for so long.


p.s. This will sound STUPID or incredibly gullible/idealistic, but by any chance would you know of anyone out my way (Seattle) that I might be able to lean on if I need objective assistance, let alone assistance?