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p.s.p.s. No need to ever apologize for typos or gaffes. I just realized I mentioned “teeth shifting”. I’ve had this off and on ever since I had my amalgams replaced back in 88 (10 years before I crashed w/CFS), but it got worse since about 2006 or so. It’s gotten better too, but now I wonder if it ties in at all with the betaine HCL supplementation.

Of course it would help if I could get the dental work done that I’ve needed since about 2003!!!

Also I DO appreciate your frankness and honesty — this comment is scary, but I appreciate it: “I am sorry your leg symptoms are so bad, but continuing to restrict choline and essential fatty acids (arachidonic and DHA, both of which are found in egg yolks and liver) is not going to end well.”

Deep breath. Hanging by a thread, but not giving up yet, thanks in large part to your trying to help.