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Hi again CP,

Just wanted you to know that I took only 1 (or 2?) betaine HCLs with my breakfast this morning, and had no issues with food staying stuck in my stomach. So thank you — I’m just finishing lunch — with one HCL — so will report more tomorrow.

Maybe my body was trying to tell me “ENOUGH of the BETAINE HCL”, and was trying to reject it by stopping motility/digestion?

Only side effect is the tightened left leg / borderline RLS feeling, but I think that started just before I got up this morning. It did worsen after breakfast, but not to a disturbing level.

One thing — haven’t tried the potassium bicarb yet, at least orally. Does one take that away from meals, and how much would you suggest?

Anyway, thanks again. Wish I had been told this by the dozen+ doctors I’ve seen over the last 15 years!