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Wow, thanks for that lightning-fast reply J-lo — very much appreciated.

I haven’t tested for free fatty acids, but when I do have fats, in food, I do best with salmon, but other than that, yup, it’s usually been some sort of pufa-fat, like evening primrose oil, or lately, some small amounts of coconut oil. I also take a tocotrienol supplement.

I’m TRYING to add real fat — saturated fats like from eggs, but have had a problem with that for years and years now — they tend to give me an awful restless leg situation.

This started about 10 (gulp) years ago, about five years after being diagnosed with ME/CFS. I went into semi-remission a couple of times, and could go out for breakfast w/friends, but whenever I had anything too fatty (eggs, sausages, hash browns), or something too creamy, say from an indian restaurant, I’d get that severely uncomfortable RLS-stuff.

So I backed off, although from time to time had refried beans and semi-normal amounts of other fats at a Mexican buffet close to my former apt, and did okay, but at home, I’d get all paranoid — wanting to sleep of course and not be up all night with RLS — and avoid fats.

I’m waaaaay down on my weight (6’2″, 160lbs if that), so much so that I’m using a wheelchair 80+ percent of the time, and having dry/goopy/watery/just plain FRIED eyesight as well (and sinus issues), but have lost a ton of muscle (and I was very skinny to begin with).

Doc prescribed thiamine injections back in June, which helped, but I couldn’t afford to continue. Thiamine deficiency makes a lot of sense as I’ve eaten way too much white rice (and brown rice) for years as I tested gluten intolerant. But rice has arsenic, and white rice has no thiamine, so that’s probably a huge problem. Also, too much veggies, not enough meat probably, although have tried the gelatin from Great Lakes. (I’d be interested in what form of gelatin you take?)

Got another thiamine refill 3 weeks ago, but am spacing it out as they’re so expensive. I read a study that said that only 4.5 mgs of oral thiamine is absorbed even in normal subjects, no matter how high the dose. So many things interfere w/thiamine.

There is a sublingual that I’ve tried and should get more.

Anyway, thanks so much. Any suggestions are VERY much appreciated.