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Coconut oil is not high in pufa. In fact, it’s one of the most highly saturated natural fats there is and extremely low in pufa. And eggs aren’t a great source of saturated fat unless you happen to eat a LOT of them (like a few dozen at a time). Just FYI.

Actually, all the stuff you mention giving you rls symptoms are from restaurants. Is that generally the case? A lot of restaurants use high pufa seed oils or, worse yet, partially hydrogenated fats. Depends on the quality of the place. High end will probably use real fats, but most everywhere else will be using seed oils.

I’ve read a study that claims that it is possible to absorb up to 1500 mg of thiamine hcl at once. And 1500 mg has been used several times a day to keep thiamine levels elevated. The half life is 8 hours or something like that. So if you take thiamine every 4 hours during the day you’ll maintain elevated levels. You can find thiamine hcl powder bulk from GMP suppliers online pretty cheap. Might be worth a try.

The other thing to look into is allithiamine, which is the natural form. Some claim that thiamine hcl in high doses is just as effective if not more so. But some studies have shown that allithiamine is more effective at lower doses. You could try both.

If you really have a thiamine deficiency, though, shouldn’t you be showing symptoms of beriberi?

The trouble you’re going to find yourself in with such low body weight and low caloric intake, however, is that most things will disagree with you. And at some point you might have to face the fact that you have to choose between being uncomfortable while eating more (plus having alarming test results perhaps) or dying because you’re not eating.

Having been in a very similar situation (I am 6′ and was down to under 120 lbs and feeling unable to eat anything substantial) I really can empathize. Honestly, as one human to another, I’d say just eat anything and everything that you can. If something is too problematic right now, try something else. If everything is too problematic then just eat. Don’t go out of your way to produce unpleasant symptoms by eating things that disagree with you if you can help it, of course. Be creative and keep trying new things. But at some point if nothing else is working, you’ve just got to eat.

Even though I think that a high pufa diet can be a problem, in your case, just find whatever works for now. Don’t stress about finding the perfect foods. Just find the foods that will work for you and eat them. Don’t worry about arsenic in rice or thiamine being refined out of it. If you can eat white rice, then for the love of all things good, eat as much as you can. Arsenic is the least of your worries when you’re in the condition you’re in.

And I’m always here to bounce stuff off or to get a reality check or whatever. Feel free to stay in touch.