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Another late night. Today was better at first, had corn cereal (w/sugar) and milk, and did ‘okay’ for the first part of the day, esp considering having to deal with a stressful potential plumbing problem discovered in my bathroom around noon. Feet were definitely tinglier, but it was tolerable because the “energy” increase helped balance things out.

I definitely want to minimize the negative effects as much as possible. Not stress like crazy about them, but minimize them, as this glycation affects microcirculation all over the body, and certainly can’t afford for my eyes to get any worse. Having said that, my eyes (and my sinuses) seemed to be better yesterday, and have been worse during the second (late) half of the day, perhaps because I didn’t take any sugar at the end of my lunch today, like I did yesterday.

Also, my teeth are in bad shape, have been for more than a decade, but can’t afford to have them fixed — so I’m worried about lots of sugar in that regard. Plus, my frail state makes it almost impossible to have dental work done right now. Wound healing isn’t good at all. I did have them cleaned 4 years ago (already) and just having that done left me feeling like I had MS for the next several days. The pockets were surprisingly better than both the dentist or I expected them to be. Still, need several crowns, multiple small cavities filled, a couple of cracked teeth redone, which would probably total $20,000???

The salad — I almost never have salad, and like you, I’ve read, and experienced that raw vegetables and fruit often aren’t digested as well. But I guess I had it for the folate and viatmin c/bioflavonoids, and the fact that I DON’T eat and haven’t eaten almost any raw foods for years now (because I thought I was had a salicylate intolerance, and still not sure). But not eating some fresh foods resulted in another problem connected w/both pre-diabetes/insulin resistance, but also insufficient bioflavonoids/vitamin c and a lack of exercise — and that’s venous insufficiency in my legs.

It manifests as a weird looking tan/rashy looking patch of very dry skin, due to poor circulation or ‘insufficiency’. The factors mentioned above result in ‘leaky valves’, another thing that I wish I could fix now, but probably needs to wait in line.

I’d be very interested in hearing more details about your prior situation — if you were bedridden or housebound? 120lbs — that’s extremely severe — not sure how you could possibly stand, let alone walk. My feet have become increasingly painful over the last 6 years or so, and thus my ability to stand or walk has decreased as a result. It feels like I’m walking on bone, as I’ve so little muscle (and almost no fat) on the bottoms of my feet, but still have flub around my middle — again, classic beri-beri.

I’m curious however, if you’re on Facebook (and a member of the FB group?), as it would be easier to ‘chat’ or perhaps exchange email addresses, or skype? I guess, at least personally, I’d feel more comfortable talking about some of these things in less of a public way.


Thanks again.

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