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You are free to email me directly at if you’d like.

All in all, it sounds an awful lot like you’ve found yourself in the same sort of situation I was in and that far too many people are finding themselves in these days. I was terrified of most food after long enough. I had read too much and learned too many half truths or outright lies. It happened one thing at a time, but they all added up until I was afraid of grain, meat, sugar, fat, dairy, eggs, seeds, nuts, fish, root vegetables, green vegetables, raw food, and cooked food. As a result, I was eating very little and having terrible difficulty with the little that I ate. I couldn’t even deal with water ultimately.

At 120 pounds I was not able to walk very much and it required a great deal of effort to do so.

Sugar is not inherently bad for teeth. In fact, I wrote a book titled How I Healed My Teeth by Eating Sugar because I did exactly that. Yes, any carbohydrates left in the mouth can feed bacteria that can then secrete acids that will harm teeth. However, the sugar itself is not harmful. And eating too little is far worse than eating enough and including plenty of sugar. The keys are:
1) eat enough calories
2) eat enough fat soluble vitamins
3) eat enough minerals
4) reduce stress
5) sleep enough
6) rinse the mouth well after eating to minimize decay