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I’m not Matt… obviously…. but here are some things I’d recommend. Use what sounds good, ignore what doesn’t!

#1 – RELAX. Breathe. Meditate. Do some yoga (I found it great for learning to listen to my body)

#2 – Slow down. Eat 4 Heat is a great book, but it doesn’t have all the answers for everyone (I think Matt would agree with on that). You have to do you own experiments – which it sounds like you are doing – that’s a good thing. But, it also sounds like you’re trying to jump off the cliff instead of walking a slow & steady pathway.

#3 – I’d try a system reset. Eat some good, fresh, nutritious foods. Just bland stuff (since nothing tastes good, this seems like the way to ‘feed’ that ‘craving’). Think plain boiled or baked potato with cheese, steamed veggies with butter, baked fish. Keep hunger between a 3 and 8 on the 0-10 scale (0=”I’m starving” and 10=”I’m stuffed”). I’m of the opinion no one “needs” junk food… real food should have what you need. I also think cheese, butter and all-natural ice cream are “real” foods – and that’s what I used to increase my basal metabolic rate.

#4 – keep listening to your body. Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty. If you think you need some salt, dip a wet finger in salt and lick it off… did that taste good or bad? Do the same with sugar if you think you need sugar.

#5 – go with small portions and try new things in moderation. Give yourself at least 20 minutes (and up to 24 hours) to digest before you gauge a reaction to anything new.

#6 – take your temperature throughout the day and see how your core temperature is doing. You might also want to track blood pressure and pulse rates, if you think you’re having a bad reaction to anything.

That’s just my take on it – hopefully some others will chime in with some other options, too.