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I had nearly instant success in raising my temperatures – mainly by stopping excess water consumption and adding SIGNIFICANT salt back into my diet. I went with “real salt” and other natural sea salts for mineral content, also. But – that’s what worked for me. Low blood pressure runs in my family, so adding in lots of salt was not a concern for me (but it is for my husband… I salt MY food, but not his).

It’s been over a year for me since I read E4H, and my temps are always above 98F now (when I check… it’s 99F right now). I have not been sick since, either… coming off a diet (medifast) that gave me walking pneumonia two years in a row, I’m REALLY happy about that development!

I did not consume food in obscene amounts, per E4H, although, I did indulge my love of butter and cheese… I might have gained a few pounds, but that was it. While I was indulging… I was also watching potion sizes, listening to my body and keeping hunger between 3 and 8 (on a 10 pt scale). I would have had to buy new clothes if I had gained more than 5lbs… and I REFUSED to buy the next size up.

While I was pushing the comfort of my size 14’s then… I now am a comfortable 12 – although the scale puts me within 6 lbs of my top weight – I guess I’ve moved stuff around a bit. :)
I would LOVE to be a size 8 (my college size)… but… that’s a long term goal.

I’m now following (loosely) the Fast Metabolism Diet by Halie Pomroy… I watch what I do (i.e. eat enough) so my temps don’t drop, but her method is to rotate all the main food groups – leaving nothing out – and concentrating on real, whole, nutritious food. The weight is coming off slow, but I’m still healthy and feeling great… so I’ll try and be patient!

What I’ve gotten out of my journey – which included taking an online course for certification as a nutritional therapist (but I’m still an engineer by trade) – is that you need to get healthy FIRST, then think about losing weight. I now consider weight gain/being over-weight as a symptom of something else not balanced in the system.

Another book you might (or might not) find helpful is “Kick your fat in the nuts” – it includes more lab tests to check for digestive issues, like low stomach acid or poor bile production, that would inhibit system performance (and cause you to hold onto fat and not lose weight). He also has some free intro videos at his website that have lots of good information on digestive health.

Be sure to breathe, too. Doing some yoga and deep breathing exercises can improve your CO2/O2 balance, provide the raw materials for generating energy at the cellular level, and thus promote health and weight-loss… crazy enough!

And, don’t stress out about the whole situation. That will send you in the opposite direction. It will happen when you stop thinking about it so much (at least, I’ve found that’s how it works in my life).

Good luck and Good health!