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Hi Carrielee,

How are you and your little boy doing now? Not much activity on this forum is there?

I’d like to lose about 10lbs of pregnancy weight gain I’m still carrying around, but wasn’t really sure how to go about it without metabolic damage.

I recently read “Forever Fat Loss” and think it offers a more realistic way to lose weight than low carb. The main points in that books seem to be eating unprocessed whole foods to appetite and increasing NEAT (I’m sure as a mother of 7, you get plenty of NEAT!) as a way of creating a subtle enough calorie deficit to promote some fat loss but not enough to cause metabolic damage. It is a bit of a paleo diet in disguise in places (the author doesn’t rate grains and legumes very highly, but he’s not saying you need to eliminate them either). As someone who prefers a mostly vegan diet (I don’t like meat and dairy) I find it hard to avoid grains and legumes and still eat enough calories to feel well (especially while breastfeeding), so that’s a recommendation I’ve just had to ignore. I’m currently trying to follow the recommendations from this book that I can. I’m not sure I agree on the NEAT so much, I personally find that eating well and getting enough food naturally causes more NEAT (for me it translates as the desire to get up and active doing chores, go out walking etc), but NEAT is not something I can easily force my body to do if the extra energy isn’t there.