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Hey SkinnyFat,

I’m in pretty much the same boat as you. If you went on Xanax then I assume you’re aware of the lasting effect that Finasteride has been shown to have on Allopregnanolone and therefore GABA levels. It may be that you can improve your health by increasing your metabolism/body temp but you may still be dependent on external help for GABA, especially GABA A.

Phenibut is a souped up version of GABA that crosses the blood brain barrier so it’s very powerful and very habit forming, like Xanax. You might be better off with just oral GABA – it doesn’t cross the BBB but several parts of the brain aren’t inside that barrier anyway so it can still do a decent job.

As for the idea of treating PFS using the metabolic model….I can only hope that this is possible! I guy called chilln goes into great detail on this subject:

Whether it could work I have no idea.