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Hi, wow, nice to see a response, was starting to think no one comes here anymore :D

Yes, my gluten problem completely resolved (woo hoo!) now I eat it most days in some form (bread or pasta).

I eat according to my natural appetite and preferences, which works out to be around an 80-90% vegan diet, with some butter, eggs, dairy and occasional meat. My meals tend to be based around a generous serving of starch (bread/potatoes/rice/pasta) with some protein and saturated fat from coconut oil or butter. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and prefer starch (with plenty of salt!), I feel lousy if I cut back on starch at all but I can easily do without sugar and fruit. I do feel that a small amount of table sugar occasionally perks up my mood (like a teaspoon or two in some tea, or a piece of cake).

I don’t think much of calorie counting, but do it occasionally out of interest, I’m breastfeeding at the moment (weaning) and eat around 2500-2700 cals a day. My appetite varies massively and is very much influenced by what is going on with baby’s growth spurts etc. Before pregnancy and breastfeeding I think I was eating around 2200 cals a day. I’m kind of slim built/light frame though (even carrying extra baby weight, I just look skinny-fat instead of skinny), I’m sure someone more solid/heavier than me needs more cals.