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Hi Tina,

I had a look at Haylie Pomroy’s FMD plan, it seems like a kind of carb cycling. I guess that can work because you hopefully don’t do anything long enough to mess up your metabolism.

I notice her food lists ban bread and caffeine, why must these diet gurus always suck the joy out of life? :D

The Schwarzbein principle is a diet that worked well for me in the past, I followed it for a few months and lost 10lbs, then relaxed a bit about the carbs but didn’t regain any weight until I had appendix surgery and that messed up my metabolism somehow. The weird thing is, when I tried SP again more recently, it didn’t work second time around and I found it really hard to stick to. I think that is for 2 reasons, the first time I did it, I must have had a nice little catecholamine honeymoon! And, secondly my energy needs are probably much higher now, as since the first time I did SP I built up a lot of muscle with kettlebell workouts (I went from not being able to carry a multipack of 1 liter water bottles, to working on a house renovation and lifting 20kg bags of cement). Anyway, I digress! :)

Thanks for the podcast, I’ll take a look :)