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I did say I follow FMD “loosely”, right? :)

I have not given up caffeine or alcohol… and I consider bread perfectly OK on Mon/Tue (the high carb days). Haylie is starting to give into the media attention and is pushing her own line of supplements and other food items now, which turns me off.

I so LOVE being warm (now on year three of no cold feet!!!) that if I feel my temperatures starting to drop because of lack of eating (which happens if I try to go too low-fat)… I eat!!

Matt’s books have definitely put me on track to only doing what I enjoy doing, and keep that joy in my life! :) I also refuse to let my temperatures drop back in the 87F category again. Being warm is much, much too nice.

I had my appendix out back in 1994 (emergency surgery… leaking appendix). I’m guessing you went on antibiotics after surgery like I did. Losing the gut bug balance can definitely screw up your metabolism. I didn’t know that then, but I do take probiotics occasionally now (when I have an “upset” due to eating too many processed foods, or …eh hem… something I didn’t cook properly, HA!)

I really need to get moving more… the poor dog has given up on me (she’s mastiff, so walks are great fun, but not a ‘necessity’ in her choice of lifestyle. LOL). Yoga is my go-to after walking the dog… weight training is on my to-do list. I enjoyed it in college, but that was quite a few years ago (20+).