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Have you added prebiotics and/or probiotics to your meals?
How about digestive enzymes?

Have you read DietRecovery or Eat4Heat or any of Matt’s books?

What food do you crave?
Sugar, Fat, Salt, anything??

Can you add fat in to your diet without upsetting your stomach? Maybe grass-fed butter or coconut? (since avocado and salmon were bad)

How about salt – real salt, sea salt or Himalayan salt? (i.e. you may be low on minerals)

You might also find the information at very helpful – he gives you actual lab tests you can run on yourself to try and identify where the weak link is (stomach acid versus bile production, etc)… and how to fix it. Bile and the gallbladder is something he does talk about, quite extensively.

How are you other toxin loads? i.e. polluted environment (city) life, fluoride in your drinking water (this gives me acne), medications, supplements, cleaning supplies, etc. If you can reduce any of those that might help your body heal other things that have been ‘put on hold’, too.

Homeopathy might also have some remedy potential…. some ideas here:

Good luck on your journey! I hope you can find some good things to eat!!