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You’re welcome Potato. I tried and tried eating gluten again but it didn’t work out in the end. I kept getting these very painful rashes and finally went to the dermatologist because the pain would wake me up at night and it was determined that I have dermatitis herpetiformis which is caused by gluten. I was sad that I had to go back to gluten free because I did that during ED but this time around it has been much better. I’ve found replacements for everything including ramen noodles believe it or not.
I understand we need to challenge ourselves and branch out in our eating but I honestly think I did more harm than good forcing myself to eat gluten when there were clear signs that it didn’t agree with me. I read on youreatopia that it can sometimes take the digestive system years to fully heal. I guess the only option is to find foods we tolerate well and be sure to keep eating.
I hope you enjoy those dishes with the zucchini noodles! Do you make them yourself from fresh zucchini?
Another filling dish I like is shepherd’s pie.