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Hi Cat. I’m 46.5 and I’ve been trying to recover for 3 years but I’ve actually been doing really well at it for just over two years so I figured I’d share my experience.
I recently realized that I probably have not overshot much but definitely if I have it is within the 10% described in the Minnesota starvation experiment. For the longest time I assumed I had overshot because I failed to consider the normal amount of weight gain that happens in adults between ages 20-60. Once I added 26 pounds to my weight *before I developed ED* I came up with a number very close to my current weight. I got the information about normal adult weight gain from the book What is Fat For? by Dr. Ignatius Brady. I think a lot of people forget about that factor and maybe assume they have overshot more than they actually have. My metabolism seems to be fine and although I’m a bit older than you i started trying to recover at your age. I hope that helps you some.