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I’m not sure how to update this so in case anyone is reading this thread I think I was wrong to assume that my SHBG was high. all of the articles I read regarding obseity state that it has a possitive correlation with LOW levels of SHBG. low levels of SHBG also seem to be positively correlated with metabolic syndrome and obesity is possitively correlated with metabolic syndrome. This doesn’t necessarily mean the diet changes I’ve made for myself are bad. It all requires more investigation on my part. I was assuming my SHBG would be high because I was consuming olive oil and milk regularly, and because of the adiponectin in fat supposedly increases SHBG. The only way for me to know for sure is to get a blood test. It’s my understanding that it is normal to have this checked once a year. The article I posted before is still good information, I think I misinterpreted some of it the first few times I read it.