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Do you mean The Source, by James Michener?
There are many effective ways to deal with stress. But the most important thing is to practice stress relief daily to build resilience. You don’t have to do the same kind of stress relief all the time. Do what you enjoy, and then you are more likely to continue to do the practice.
Of course, the most common method is meditation, focusing on your breath. Realize that your mind is going to wander- and then be gentle with yourself, and bring your attention back to your breath.
I teach “cardio-contemplation” using the focus on positive feelings in the area of your heart. I also use EFT tapping. But other practices are taking a walk in nature- YOGA! (gentle) and focusing mindfully on being present. Mindful eating is a wonderful stress reliever! Try to cut back on watching the news, being attached to your phone and technology… Really enjoy and be in the moment of what you are doing.
Multi-tasking, checking your phone all the time, rushing, not giving yourself enough time… all these can be truly stressful.
The best thing is to figure out what are your stress triggers, and work on them. That’s how you build your muscles to lower your stress response.