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It is a great method to practice yoga and bring body back into proper alignment.In the modern world we commonly come across – Hatha Yoga (standard flow postures with a sequence), Ashtanga Yoga (series of movements with breath), Iyengar Yoga (props are used to go deeper into the practice with great attention to alignment), Vinyasa Flow Yoga (rhythmic movement of various postures), Yin Yoga (holding of positions with support for a long time) and so on. The amazing part is that all Yoga practices have the same effect ? the practice of Yoga Asana makes the spine fully functional in all six directions i.e., front & back, side to side and twisting in the opposite directions). The practice of Yoga is not limited only to the physical body, it spreads into our whole life, and if you would like to study yoga professionally based on my experience, I suggest you join yoga courses in Kerala.It will help you to learn yoga from the experienced professionals.