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mighty m

Good news, it can be done!

This week: In week 3 of menstrual cycle (1 week after ovulation), I got 98.4, 98.8, 98.6 as morning, pre-breakfast temperatures! Mid-afternoon has seen 98.8, 98.9, even 99.2.

Surprisingly, the 98.8 was after a night in which I’d slept really poorly … which would normally drop one’s temperature. On the other hand, I slept in that morning, so I was checking “basal” at 10am, ha ha. Maybe that doesn’t count, ha!

Will probably drop back down a bit during days 1-14, but hopefully can keep it decent.

I’ve continued to work on not delaying meals, snacking when hungry. The only big difference between now and last month — I have been trying some sugary drinks like juice and lemonade, based on my reading here on the forum, and only drinking water when *really* thirsty. For some reason, I ADORE the organic lemonade that has been on sale a lot lately. I drink way more of it than any other drink, just for the pleasure. I wonder if it’s really a response to some biological craving? Other juices and drinks are fine, but don’t appeal to the same degree.

I guess another big difference, is that making sure to eat plenty of calories every day has reduced my number of disrupted-sleep nights down to just 4 in the last month. Before I started eating lots, I was waking up more nights than not.

I still might not be eating *quite* enough sometimes. I have been loath to count, but think I perhaps ought to to make sure. I believe I’m getting 2500 most days, but many days I’m pretty active and should have more. It might also help me make sure I’m getting a large portion of them early-ish in the day.