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I’ve had bad acne since me early teens and I’m now 26. Most people seem to grow out of it but I didn’t. It’s especially bad on my back.

I tried low-carb dieting which cleared up my face and the front of my body nicely but did nothing for my back. I don’t know maybe on my back it’s something else, like dermatitis herpetiformis or something. I just recently got off a year and a half stint on a gluten-free diet which did nothing for me. Now that I’m eating the food again (with plenty of sugar) it’s getting worse again.

I went to dermatologist who wanted to put me on Accutane but because of my history of depression they wanted me to go back on SSRIs. I didn’t book another appointment.

I’m now experimenting with Vitamin A but I’m not sure what dosage helps. It says 1 capsule a day (10,000 iu) on the bottle but that doesn’t seem to help so I’ve been going higher. We’ll see what happens.

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